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Train together and push boundaries

Train motivationally and personally in a maximum group size of 3 people. And motivate each other and push each other's limits together in our group personal training sessions. 


Our group personal training sessions offer a personal and effective fitness experience with motivating workouts and exercises tailored to your individual needs and goals. And you'll receive feedback and tips to improve your technique and performance.  In your individual track and program during the 3-person group sessions.


Whether you are a beginner or already advanced, our group personal training sessions are suitable for people of all fitness levels looking for a personalized, effective and motivating training experience. At Pure, we strive to help you achieve your goals and balance your life through sports and exercise.

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Group Personal Training

Group personal training offers advantages over individual personal training because it is more motivating for some, while still giving you the personal attention you need from a professional trainer. Train together and challenge each other.

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