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What makes us different

We are meticulous in our attention to detail, rigorous in our application of intelligent processes, and driven to continually improve our methods and results.

We are more than just personal trainers who count reps. Behind your transformation are experts who invest deeply in your success. We care about your results and goals as much as you do. 

Much more than one 'before and after', we ensure that our clients' unique goals are achieved with a unique and tailor-made approach. Whatever the goal, our personal trainers only make progress by delivering a real return on investment that surpasses anything that can be achieved in a regular gym with a regular trainer. 

Because all this is an investment in yourself and that is the best form of investment there is.

Personal Training

Personal Training

One-on-one or one-on-two sessions with our expert trainers, ensuring you receive focused attention and your workout is fully tailored to your personal goals and needs.

Personal Duo Training

Duo Training

Train with a partner and get extra motivation and support to achieve your fitness goals. Encourage and challenge each other to get the best out of yourself. Duo training is ideal for people who want to work out together.

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Results are our priority

Full Support

We bring out the best in you

More than just Personal Training

Our expertise in fitness and personal training extends far beyond the doors of our private club.


We help clients improve their health and improve their results with a total picture, including lifestyle & nutrition coaching, private fitness, high-quality nutritional supplements, education and the Pure Coach App.

Personal Training Klant

Wahiba Coumans

His dedication to quality training and personal guidance has helped me reach and exceed my fitness goals

Personal Training Klant

Ivan Flores 

After 7 weeks of hard work and dedication, I feel like a completely different person. My clothes fit better, my self-confidence has increased and I radiate energy. The weight loss is just the tip of the iceberg. I have learned that my health and well-being are most important and that I have the power to achieve my goals.

Personal Training Klant

Philip van Engelendorp

I can proudly say that my physical transformation at Pure has been a true turning point in my life. It's incredible how much I have achieved thanks to Xander's support and expertise.

Personal Training Coaching App
Pure Coach
Lifestyle Coaching Personal Training
Lifestyle & Nutrition

Start investing in yourself today with us....

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Personal & Duo

  • 90 minute sessions completely privately with your experienced trainer

  • Interactive Training Monitoring

  • Personal Test & Measure moments

  • Personal Logbook

  • Personal Nutrition Plan

  • Personal Training Schedule

  • Personal Supplement Plan*

  • Private Gym Access

  • Monthly Personal Supplements*

  • Pure Kitchen Cookbook*

  • Pure Coach*

  • Towel service

  • Unlimited Bar Service (Coffee, Tea, Protein Shakes)

*If applicable, in line with personal objectives

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